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Product Details

Celery Seed Oil


Steam distilled oil from seeds of Apium graveolens.

Uses and Advance Studies:

    • Celery seed oil is said to have a sedative and tonic effectr upon the central nervous system, hence the use of celery seed oil in nerve tonics.

    • The principal use of this oil, however, is in the flavouring of all kinds of food prducts-canned soups and meats, sauces, and particularly in the flavouring of the popular celery salts, celery tonics, and culinary sauces.

    • Celery seed oil is one of the most valuable flavoring agents, imparting warm, aromatic, and pleasing notes to food products.

    • It prevent rheumatism and gout.

    • Used in bronchitis asthma and to some extant in liver and spleen disease.

Main constituent:

    d-Lemonene, β-Selinene, α-Selinene, N-Butylphthalide , Lingustilide.

Physico Chemical Properties:

    COLOR = Colorless to light yellow
    REFRACTIVE INDEX at 25°C = 1.4700 to 1.4860
    SPECIFIC GRAVITY at 25°C = 0.850 to 0.875
    OPTICAL ROTATION = +60° to +80°
    ACID No. = Upto 5.
    FLASH POINT = 56°C