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Centella Asiatica (brahmi)


Centella Asiatica Dry Extract (Vaccum Dried Powder).
Greenish yellow coloured powder with peculiar odour and taste

Uses and Advance Studies:

    • Used as alterative, tonic, diuretic, spasmolytic, antiameobic in skin diseases and in treatment of leprosy, Blood purifier,Sedative and tranquillizer, Antistress,Immunity promoting effect.

    • Improves intelligence, power of retention and Memory, Anabolic and Adaptogen,Anti ulcer.

    • Also useful in the treatment of piles.

Main constituent:

    centellin , asiaticin , and centellicin.

Physico Chemical Properties:

    used for various ailments like inflammation, diarrhea, asthma, tuberculosis, depression, memory loss and psoriasis.