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Product Details

Galangal Officinarum


Steam distilled oil from the rhizomes (small) of Galangal Officinarum

Uses and Advance Studies:

    In fragrances and flavor it impart warm and spicy note wit camphoraceous background. It is stomachic , stimulant and carminative(Chopra et al, Nadkarni 1954)

Main constituent:

    Camphoraceous, Spicy odor ,resembling that of Cardamom and myrtle in taste, Faintly bitter and cooling after effect

Physico Chemical Properties:

    ColourLight yellow
    Refractive Index at 15°C 1.470 to 1.4800
    Specific Gravity at 15°C 0.9200 to 0.9300
    Optical Rotation-5° to -15°
    Flash Point58°C