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Hedychium Oil


Botanical name is Hedychium spicatum. The common name is Kapoor Kachri Oil. In Japan it is called Sanna Oil. This plant is duly distributed in Western Himalayan at an altitude of about 3500-7500 Feet from sea level.

Uses and Advance Studies:

    The rhizome and oil is Stomachic, carminative, stimulant and tonic .Employed in the preparation of Abir,a fragrant coloured powder used during Holi festival and religious ceremonies in India. They may be employed as auxiliary in dyeing to impart a pleasant smell to fabrics.. They are also used with henna to produce perfumed clothes known locally as Malagiri clothes The oil can be used in fragrance formulation for hair oils, as stop hair falling, soaps and face powder (Essential oil from hedychium spicatum ,33.fafai journal ,A.R. Chowdhry)

Main constituent:

    Due to its woody, spicy and peculiar root-like odour, it is used in perfume formulations. Cabotine Fragrance, which won a European award in 1994, was based on the flower fragrance of Hedychium

Physico Chemical Properties:

    Colour      Yellow to Brown
    Odour spicy herbaceous, earthy with camphorous undertone increasingly spicy with a cinnamomum touch.
    Specific Denisty at 250C                0.8300
    Refractive Index at 250C                1.4800 to 1.4890
    Optical Rotation                              +100C to +150C
     Acid No.                                          2 to 4