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Juniper Berry Oil


Steam distilled oil from ripe berries of Juniper Communis found in Jammu & Kashmir and in Lahaul-Spiti, Kinnaur and chamba Distt. of Himachal Pradesh.
The oil has been known for a long time as a diuretic. Because of its local irritating effect on inflamed organs, however, great care must be exercised during its administration.

Uses and Advance Studies:

    • Juniper Berry Oil is used widely in essence for the flavouring of beverages and liquors, particularly of the Gin and Sloegin type.

    • Several European liquors, "Steinhager" have their characteristic flavour chiefly due to the presence of Juniper Berry Oil.

    • Juniper Berry Oi is carminative, Stimulant and Diuretic. It is useful in Stomatitis, chest trouble, Liver complaints, Piles, Labour Pain.

Main constituent:

    β -Pinene, Sabinene, α -Pinene, Myrcene, Terpinen-4-ol.

Physico Chemical Properties:

    COLOR = Colorless to very light yellow.
    REFRACTIVE INDEX at 15°C = 1.4710 to 1.4780
    SPECIFIC GRAVITY at 15°C = 0.84100 to 0.85600
    OPTICAL ROTATION = +3° to +25°
    FLASH POINT = 41°C.