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Product Details

Tagetes Oil


Steam distilled oil from whole plant(except roots) of Tagetes minuta. It is cultivated in H.P. above 1000 mtr. above sea level. Material is collected & distilled when flower starts to mature.It has mosquito larvacedal activities. Whole flowring plant oil was significantly active against Lewis lung carcinoma in vivo.
E-ocimenone at 40 ppm caused 100% mortality of Aides agypti larvae in 24 hr.

Uses and Advance Studies:

    • Due to marigold like odour it is used in Marigold type of Perfumes which are being used in Incense Sticks during Religious Festivals at Religious Places.

    • In perfume formulations in small dosages, for creation of Apple and other fruity fragrances effects for toilet preparations.

    • It is used as a modifier in hair lotions of the bay rum type.

    • It is also used by Attar Industries in India.

    • The oil is being used as insecticide also.

Main constituent:

    (Z) - β Ocimene, Dihydrotagetone, (Z) - Tagetone, (E) - Tagetone, (Z) - Ocimenone, (E) - Ocimenone

Physico Chemical Properties:

    COLOR = Yellow to reddish.
    SPECIFIC GRAVITY at 15°C = 0.84000 to 0.86000
    REFRACTIVE INDEX at 15°C = 1.47500 to 1.49000
    OPTICAL ROTATION = + 2 to +10
    ACID No. = Below 2.
    FLASH POINT = 63°C