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Product Details

Valarian Root Oil


Steam distilled oil from roots of Valarian Wallichi.
The root oil is lazative, astringent carminative, antiperiodic, emmenagogue, hypnotic, aphrodisiac in nature.

Uses and Advance Studies:

    • The oil used as an adjunct in flavouring of certain blend of tobacco.

    • The root oil is aleziteric, cures epilepic fits, head troubles, diseases for the eye and the blood, "tridosha"; used in suppression of urine, poisoning, swooning.

    • Used for infections of the eyes and hair, pains in the joints, diseases of the liver, the spleen and the kidney; good for gleet; clears the voice.

    • Root oil is antidote to snake - Venom or scorpion venom.

    • Valtrats are used as tranquilizers and sedative.

    • They also improve co-ordination capacity.

Main constituent:

    Valarenic acid, Valarenone.

Physico Chemical Properties:

    COLOR = Yellow to dark brown
    REFRACTIVE INDEX at 25°C = 1.4830 to 1.5100
    SPECIFIC GRAVITY at 25°C = 0.9300 to 0.9600
    OPTICAL ROTATION = -30° to -50°
    ACID No. = 25 to 40
    FLASH POINT = 120°C