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Product Details

Valerian Extract


Therapeutic Indications:

Valerian Root Extract is:

1. A general tranquilizer used for relieving nervous tension, insomnia and headache.

2. It is Anti-anxiety, anti-stress.

3. Hypotensive.

4. Menopausal disturbances.

5. Nervine tonic.

6. Nervous gastralgia.

Uses and Advance Studies:

    Product Valerian Wallichii Dry Extract.
    Description Dark brown coloured powder with Characteristic odour.
    Test Solution Dissolve 0.25 g. extract in 25 ml pure methanol by warming on a water bath, filter and concentrate to 5ml.
    Solvent System Toluene-Ethyl Acetate (93:7)
    Spray Reagent Hydrochloric acid-Acetate Acid reagent.
    Evaluation The TLC picture of Extract is identical with that of standard Valerian Root (Three blue spots).

Main constituent:

    Toxicity and Safety Aspects:

    Valerian Root Extract has been reported to be safe, however, low order toxicity has been reported for an ethanolic extract. When extract was administered intraperitoneally to rats in a dose of 400 mg – 600 mg/kg daily for 45 days, no significant changes in weight, blood and urine were observed.

    When Valerenic acid was given intraperitonelly to mice, the following results were observed.

    50 mg/kg reduced spontaneous motility.

    100 mg/kg caused ataxia.

    150-200 mg/kg caused muscle spasm.

    400 mg/kg caused heavy convulsions leading to death.

    LD-50 of extract in mice by intraperitoneal injection 3.3 g/kg.

    LD-50 of essential oil in rats 1500 mg/kg. LD-50 of Valerenone in rats and ice 3g/kg.

Physico Chemical Properties:


    (a) Water Minimum 70.0%
    (b) 50% v/v alcohol Minimum 70.0%


    Valepotriates Minimum 6.0%
    Total Ash Maximum 10.0%
    Moisture Content Maximum 5.0%

    Microbiological Test:

    (a) Total plate count <1000 cfu/g
    (b) Yeast and Moulds <1000 cfu/g
    (c) Coliforms Negative.
    (d) Salmonella/Shigella: Negative.
    (d-1) Aflatoxin Negative.
    (d-2) Solvent Residue Maximum 2 ppm.
    (d-3) Pesticidal Residue Nil.