Calamus Oil

Himalayan Cedar wood Oil is distilled from roots & stumps of Cedrus Deodarawhich has been left after cutting of Deodar trees for timber extraction. These stumps and roots are removed in a scientific way. The pits so formed are filled consolidated and due to self-sprouting of seeds or planting a sapling new forest has grown up. Crude Oil rectified by giving alkali wash is called Rectified Cedar wood oil.

Cedar Wood Oil rich in Himanchalene is called Supper Rectified Oil and the oil rich in Atlantone and higher fraction removing Resin is Called Perfumery Grade.

Physiochemical Properties:

  • Colour: Yellow to brown in colour
  • Odour: Warm earth somewhat spicy and greenish with camphor’s undertone.
  • Specific Gravity at 20°C: 1.0000 to 1.1000
  • Refractive Index at 20°C: 1.5500 to 1.5600
  • Optical Rotation: 0

Main Constituents:

S.NO. Name Range
1. Methyleugenol 1.00-2.50
2. gamma.-Asarone 1.00-2.50
3. beta.-Asarone 88.00-92.00
4. Asarone 2.50-4.50



  • The oil is employed in perfumery, because of its peculiar, warm, and somewhat spicy odour, it blends well with neem oil and cedar wood oil as a room sprayer against household insects. Indian calamus oil has been restricted by IFRA due to the high percentage of Asarone in fragrance. A high concentration (0.5%) of β-Asarone has been shown to be positive in Ames mutagenic test following activation (WHO-FAS, 1981)
  • Due to its insecticidal properties, it is used in perfume formulation for household
  • As an insecticide in combination with Himalayan cedarwood oil, neem oil and any vegetable oil, it can be massaged on pets like       dogs once a week followed by a bath. It will keep  the pets free from
  • The oil of calamus is used as an ingredient in flavors, particularly in liqueurs. Therefore the use of Indian Calamus oil is different as compared to Russian or European Calamus oil because the latter is mainly used in flavoring liqueurs.
  • Useful in treating mental ailments (Menon & Dandya-1967), variety of gut disorders (Nandkarni – 1954) and increase memory

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