Hedychium Oil

Botanical Name: Hedychium spicatum

Common Name: Kapoor kachri oil

Location: This plant is commonly found in the Western Himalayas at an altitude of about 1,500 – 2,500 metres from sea level. The essential oil is obtained by steam distillation of dried rhizome.

Physiochemical Properties:

  • Colour: Yellow to brown
  • Odour: Freshly distilled oil is woody, spicy with a spicy, camphorous, fresh woody top note, and increasingly spicy with a hint of cinnamon.
  • Specific Gravity at 20°C: 9400-0.9500
  • Refractive Index at 20°C:  1.4800-1.4900
  • Optical Rotation: 2-8

Main Constituents:

S.NO. Name Range
1. .alpha.-Pinene 1.00-2.50
2. .beta.-Myrcene 2.00-3.50
3. Eucalyptol 26.00-28.50
4. Linalool 1.00-2.50
5. Caryophyllene 1.00-2.00
6. (-)-Aristolene 0.50-2.00
7. α-Caryophyllene 0.50-2.50
8. Cubebol 1.00-2.50
9. γ-Cadinene 3.50-4.50
10. Tau-Cadinol acetate 4.50-5.50
11. Elemol 4.50-6.50
12. Nerolidol 1.00-2.00
13. Caryophyllene oxide 1.00-2.00
14. Humulenol-II 5.50-7.50
15. epi-γ-Eudesmol 3.50-5.00
16. Selinenol 3.00-4.50
17. .tau.-Muurolol 0.50-1.00
18. β-Eudesmol 14.50-16.00
19. α-Eudesmol 2.50-4.50




  • The essential oil is used as a stomachic, carminative, stimulant, and tonic medicine.
  • Employed in the preparation of Abir, a fragrant colored powder used during the Holi festival and religious ceremonies in
  • In dyeing, they may help to impart a pleasant smell to fabrics.
  • They are also applied with henna to produce perfumed clothes known locally as Malagiri
  • The oil can be used in fragrance formulations for hair oils, to stop hair falling out, soaps, and face
  • Due to its woody, spicy, and peculiar root-like odour, it is used in perfume formulations. Cabotine Fragrance, which won a European award in 1994, was the floral fragrance of this plant. It blends well with jasmine, tuberose, etc. to give a warm and spicy odour.
  • This oil is one important component of Hina Attar employed to flavor tobacco and incense sticks


Odour Profile: Spicy herbaceous, earthy with camphorous undertone, increasingly spicy with a cinnamon touch.

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