Indian Carrot Seed Oil

Botanical Name: Dacus carrota

Common Name: Gajar

Location: In India.

Physiochemical Properties:

  • Colour: Golden Yellow to Reddish Brown
  • Odour: Woody, root-like, earthy, and mildly sweet.
  • Specific Gravity at 20°C: 0.9500 to 0.9600
  • Refractive Index at 20°C: 1.4900 to 1.5100
  • Optical Rotation: 15 to 22

Main Constituents:

S.NO. Name Range
1. gamma.-Muurolene 2.00-3.50
2. cis-.beta.-Farnesene 1.00-2.00
3. beta.-Bisabolene 1.50-3.00
4. beta.-Oplopenone 1.00-2.50
5. Carotol 77.00-85.00
6. Daucol 2.00-3.50



  • For perfume composition it blends well with many types of scents particularly orris etc.
  • It is also used to liquor flavor.
  • This Carrot Seed essential oil can help you retain your youth and look refreshingly young. Anti-oxidants in it repair all the damages done to your tissues by the oxidants (free radicals) and stop them from doing further harm. These anti-oxidants do not let your skin go wrinkled, your hair white, joints go immovable, your muscles go loose and your eyes lose eyesight.
  • Carrot Seed Oil has ability to detoxify the blood, tissues, muscles and internal organs like liver and kidneys.
  • It removes accumulation of toxins like uric acid from the blood, tissues, muscles, and joints, thereby helping cure edema, arthritis, gout, rheumatism etc.
  • Carrot Seed Oil is aromatic stimulant and carminative (NADKARNI, 1954)

Odour Profile:

Woody, root-like, earthy, and mildly sweet.

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